Agile and Harmonized Assistance to Devolved Institutions (AHADI)

With the adoption of the 2010 Constitution, Kenya set itself on a path toward devolution-a new system of governance that includes 47 county governments with governors and legislatures. The Agile Harmonized Assistance for Devolved Institutions (AHADI) is to support Kenya's vision of devolution. AHADI aims to promote governance systems that are transparent, accountable, effective in service delivery, and responsive to empowered citizens by working at national and county government levels. In partnership with Kenyan institutions, AHADI enhances capacity of the local and national government to implement devolution by piloting innovative tools, providing knowledge sharing mechanisms and building capacity to benefit both devolved and national-level institutions. Activities are led, planned and implemented with Kenyan leadership in government and civil society as well as in close coordination with other development partners. AHADI supports county governments and citizens to learn from each other and integrates citizen participation into training, policy development and research activities to provide a key link between citizens and government.
USD 460.00
USD 460.00
Project Start Date
January 1, 2014
Project End Date
December 31, 2018
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