Domestic Revenue Mobilization Ghana, Phase III

The overall objective is to contribute to domestic revenue mobilization to enable Ghana to finance its development needs and reduce poverty. This will be achieved through support to national tax policy and administration reforms, building capacity for subnational revenue mobilization and strengthening revenue management of the extractive sector. To increase domestic revenues the Government of Ghana's implements an ambitious tax reform agenda. Main pillars are the modernization of the tax authority, the segmentation of taxpayers, the widening of the tax base and the introduction of self-assessments. With many reforms having made good progress, it is expected that the focus of the programme shifts towards subnational revenue mobilization where few donors are active but the need for support and the potential benefits are high. This programme is closely linked to the policy dialogue and the performance assessments of the general and decentralized budget support operations.
USD 558545.75
Project Start Date
May 1, 2016
Project End Date
December 31, 2022
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